Laundromat profits

Nothing hidden - see how much profit a real laundrette makes! (Spoiler alert - one month it made $43,000 profit).

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If you have ever wondered how much cash you can make from an Australian laundromat or launderette, then now is your chance.

We show you everything.   All costs, all income.  You get to see the latest P&L of a laundromat/laundrette from the day it was opened.

You can see how revenue, costs and profit have changed over the last few years, and see for yourself what is possible with the right location, equipment and partner.

Starting your own laundromat business is easier than you expect.  Why buy an existing coin or cashless laundromat when you can set up your own?  Earn a passive income with a no-stock vending business.


We show you the exact location 

Not only do you get the P&L, you get to see exactly where in Australia it is so you can visit it in person or check it out on Google Maps.

Complete your details and we will send you everything you need to see to understand how much cash you could make!


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